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OPEN CALL: Urban Mobility Workshop

Abgabe 22.07.2018
Gebäudetyp Verkehrsbauten
Art Preise und Awards
Zulassungstyp offener Wettbewerb
Wettbewerbstyp offener Ideenwettbewerb mit anschließendem Workshop
Zulassungsbereich WTO
Auslober Norman Foster Foundation
Teilnehmer Studenten mit Vorkenntnissen in Infratruktur, Transportsysteme und neue Mobilitätssysteme

Unterlagen www.normanfosterfoundation.org
Wettbewerbsleistungen There is no fixed format to answer this proposal, as it can be chosen to your preference from video, presentation, collage, essay etc. Creativity will be highly appreciated. Please note that the Selection Process is only open to students currently enrolled in an educational programme (Bachelor, Masters or PhD) with a strong background in transportation, infrastructure and new mobility systems. Students working full-time in a private initiative are not eligible for the Urban Mobility Workshop.
Termine Abgabe bis: 22.07.2018


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