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FR-18-01: Prequalification — Design contest; Frøya health centre and sheltered accommodation flats

Abgabe 17.08.2018
Gebäudetyp Gesundheit und Soziales
Art Wettbewerbe und Dienstleistungen
Zulassungstyp offener Wettbewerb
Ort des Wettbewerbs Frøya (Norwegen)
Wettbewerbstyp offener Realisierungswettbewerb
Zulassungsbereich EWR
Auslober Abakus AS
Teilnehmer Architekten
Unterlagen www.mercell.com
Wettbewerbsleistungen Frøya municipality shall arrange a design contest in connection with the project "Morgendagens omsorg" ("the Future care").
The contracting authority wants to prequalify 3 architect companies for the preparation of a new proposal draft for a new health centre and sheltered accommodation flats.
The aim is to create a health centre that is future-orientated, suitable for the local environment and that sees the contracting authority´s need for functionality.
The health centre will have 28 nursing home places and 48 sheltered accommodation flats in a community, co-located. Total area is approx. 10 000 m2.
See the attached feasibility study with a function, area and room programme and the development plan. The work must be based on the prepared booklet.
Termine Abgabe bis: 17.08.2018


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