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E14 — Europan Norge

Abgabe 30.06.2017
Gebäudetyp Städtebau
Art Wettbewerbe und Dienstleistungen
Zulassungstyp offener Wettbewerb
Ort des Wettbewerbs Alta, Lillestrøm, Narvik (Norwegen)
Wettbewerbstyp offener Ideenwettbewerb
Zulassungsbereich EWR
Auslober Europan Norge
Teilnehmer Architekten, Landschaftsarchitekten, Stadtplaner (unter 40 Jahren)
Preise Wettbewerbssumme: 18.000 EUR
Unterlagen https://kgv.doffin.no/ctm/Company/CompanyInformation/Index/2904  
Wettbewerbssprache: Englisch
Wettbewerbsleistungen European architecture and town development competition for architects, landscape architects and planners younger than 40 years old. Europan Norge is presenting 3 sites this year:
Lillestrøm: Nesa
New areas for expanding the town are being considered in Lillestrøm. On the industrial area Nesa, the question is how current and new production can still be a part of the future, co-localised with new housing, public functions and the river landscape.
Alta: Skiferkaia
Alta would like to establish a new connection to the fjord and develop a programme that is based on the transition between land and water. Skiferkaia shall be a laboratory for new urban production, housing and public life.
Narvik: Teknisk Kvartal
Narvik would like to invest in the next economy. Teknisk Kvartal shall, in the future, be a place where young people can meet, live and start up new companies. The participants shall develop a new concept for the block, as well as a plan for how the adjoining park can be a new public room in Narvik.
Termine Abgabe: 30.06.2017


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